Gas Collection

The gas collection has a wide variety of living flame effect fires in a range of different styles, colours and options. Choose from different fuelbeds, control types and installation options. There is sure to be a gas fire to suit your desires.

Insets Full Depth

Insets Full DepthSuitable for all homes with Class 1 brick built chimneys, our range of inset full depth gas fires are amongst some of the most visually appealing and realistic on the market. These fires may also be suitable for some precast and prefabricated flues, subject to verification from a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.
With energy efficiency and running costs being of prime importance today, our range of inset full depth gas fires offers a choice of high efficiency Homeflame models, alongside standard efficiency and convector models that offer an equally impressive heat output. Choose from an infinite range of styles, trims and fascia for the ultimate compliment to your interior decor.

Insets Slimline

Insets SlimlineOur range of slimline inset fires is designed with both good looks and heat efficiency in mind. Suitable for both Class 1 and Class 2 chimneys, including brick chimneys, precast and prefabricated flues, these models are considerably shallower than full depth fuel beds.
For exceptional heat efficiency, a choice of ‘Homeflame’ models is available and these are the slimmest on the market – only 79mm deep. Alternatively, slimline convector models are also available, offering an equally impressive heat output. A wide range of design styles, trims and fascia will enable you to choose the perfect match for your interior décor.


OutsetTraditional outset gas fires have beautiful flame pictures, offer fantastic heat control and stand proud in to the room, allowing a more effective use of heat.

Balanced Flue

Balanced FlueSuitable for those homes without a chimney or flue, these glass fronted gas fires deliver super efficient heat combined with low fuel consumption. Courtesy of a sophisticated flue that uses natural convection to draw air from outside the building for combustion, then expelling it back to the outside through a separate compartment of the flue, these fires are amongst the safest available.
With no need for an electric supply, all that’s required is an outside wall for installation, offering even greater flexibility when deciding where to locate your fire. A wide range of outset and inset models is available in order to create that perfect centrepiece.

Decorative Gas Fires

Decorative Gas FiresVisually the closest match to a real fire, Decorative fires rely on radiant heat alone to heat your room – meaning the closer you get to the fire the warmer it feels – exactly what you would expect from a real open fire!

Gas Stoves

Gas StovesOur gas stoves incorporate all the charm and atmosphere of a real fire with a realistic flame picture and glow. The Brunswick & Ridlington models add warmth and character to any room with their traditionaly styled black cast iron design. As well as looking stylish, these stoves deliver an impressive heat efficiency of 81% and a heat output of up to 5.0kW.


RadiantHigh performing radiant fires offer high efficiency and excellent heat output. White ceramic radiant’s burn red hot, and are a cost effective heating option, that do not compromise on standards for style, reliability and performance.
The high heat output and flexibility in control, whether on high or low settings, make these fires perfect if they are to be used as a sole source of heat for a home.